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NSFW ~ I'm an Aquarius, I love music, singing, and writing. I'm afraid of the future, afraid of being alone and of growing old. I don't know what I'm doing half the time, I don't know who I am. Similarly this blog is just a mix of photos I like, topics I care about, things I think are important, but nothing in particular.  
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Ms. Dynamite x Amplify Dot x Lady Leshurr x Lioness - “Neva Soft (RMX)”

Stepping up to the mic with Dynamite for this special remix are Amplify Dot, who recently released her banger of a collaboration with Kano “Semantics” as well as her solid Born Ready mixtape; Birmingham repping Lady Leshurr who almost spits verses in bullet time on her take on Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”; and South London rhyme animal Lioness whose buzzworthy mixtape Roarness was released last week.

Although Amplify Dot, Lady Leshurr and Lioness are solo artists in their own right, they come together as an earth shattering unit called 367 (a reference to their individual positions on The Grime Report’s 2011 top female MCs list, which was topped by Ms. Dynamite) and the results are outstanding.

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Nina P.


Those pants are everything I need in life. 


Approaching my 1 1/2 yr. mark on HRT. I never thought that I can change my life in this way. When I look in the mirror these days I see a beautiful black man. And that is alright with me.



31 Male WDC

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Quick Disclaimer: I understand there are certain PoC, usually mixed, who pass as white. There are conditions such as albinism and vitiligo which affect skin pigmentation and cause an appearance of whiteness. There are also people the world over who have been adopted by parents of different…


Pictured: me, doing whatever I want.


Pictured: me, doing whatever I want.



By the way, check out this article on what reactions to Willow Smith says about our culture.

*Psst* Also, transgressing masculine/feminine gender roles is no indication of one’s sexuality or gender identity.


Characters voiced by black men get a pretty decent amount of screen time in animated films these days, often being the main sidekick on the hero or heroes’ journey to success, being present virtually every step of the way. Some people would argue that this is a step forward for black…

The “inherent” non attraction to PoC is always, always, always a product of embedded racism. I’ve seen people who say, “I’m just not attracted to ___” and then when they start opening their eyes and realizing, “Holy shit, we do live in a white supremacist world that has completely corrupted by views of darker skinned human beings.” They start to see that they actually are attracted to PoC. You can hold onto being the one exception, but you’d be wrong. Educate yourself and open your fucking mind.

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I’ve been saying this forever. 

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(via indoctrinatethemasses)

A Girl Like Me

The word turns off a lot of men (insert snarky comment about man-hating feminazis here) — and women. But here’s why black men should be embracing the “f” word.